Acoustic panels

Do you need to reduce the reverberation in an  office or in meeting room? Do you want to improve  the acoustics in an open space
Good, this article can help you understand how to do and what to choose to create a dimension where the sound does not dominate the silence, the speech is sharper and therefore the people more rested and concentrated.

Let’s start with the reverberation: it is an acoustic phenomenon linked to the reflection of the sound wave by an obstacle placed in front of the sound source and depends on the size of the environment and on the nature of the partitions hit by the sound. If the reverberation time is too long, the environment is said to be echoing and sounds tend to meld reducing the comprehensibility of speech.

And it is exactly in the resounding environments that the acoustic panels are inserted, realized with the aim of absorbing sound and therefore of acoustically processing an environment.
How to choose the right panel among the many available on the market?Just pay attention to the sound absorption coefficient weighted according to UNI EN ISO 11654. The value has a minimum of 0, which means no absorbency, and a maximum of 1, which means absolute absorption. The Arcadia panels are certified Class A highly absorbent, with a coefficient that varies between 0.90 and 1 as regards to the frequency range of speech. Arcadia acoustic panels are made of recycled polyester fiber, therm drilled with laser-cut edges.