The new windows of Alba

Warm as Wood. Strong as Aluminum.

Why not both?

Alba focuses on wood-aluminum windows for more efficient windows and suitable for any need. In fact, these are windows able to combine the advantages of the two different building systems, bringing together advantages and qualities.

The Wood used inside guarantess:

  • Natural aesthetic value;
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation;
  • Malleability and versatility.

Aluminum, used outside, guarantees:

  • Lightness;
  • Robustness and greater burglarproof security;
  • Excellent performance from the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation.

All these features are joined by those linked to maintenance since the greater longevity and strength of aluminum, protects the wood from the aggressive action of time, atmospheric agents and pollution. Moreover, their durability and recyclability make them two sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Alba  has created a new series of windows that uses the material to the fullest, enhancing its features and peculiarities, available in different designs and installations:

  • Ghost – Minimal Design and maximum Rough Opening
  • Flat – The wood-aluminum window with a Complanar Design;
  • Duty – The beauty of Wood and the strength of Aluminum;
  • Rift – The wood-aluminum window suitable for a Rough Opening assembly;
  • Smart – Safe, beautiful, well-lit. In one word, Smart.
  • Easy – Beautiful as only the Wood could be.

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