Trends 2019, summer air!

Arcadia renews the Finishing Chart, updating the classic ones and introducing new and appealing textures. Download the new 2019 Color Chart now to discover the latest trends.

The Arcadia Chart is enriched with more naturalmaterial and intense materials:

  • OSB: ideal for creating a contrast in contemporary interiors. OSB panels can add a touch of warmth even to minimalist interiors, through sober and elegant solutions following the Nordic style trends;
  • Concrete: material effect on sight, raw factory store style, cold tones with shades and veins characteristic tone on tone, which recall hardness and resistance;
  • Knobby wood: the first rule of natural style furniture is the enhancement of materials with all their peculiarities obvious in the natural world. Wood is distinguished by the veins and knots that give it warmth and typical characteristic; why alter or hide it when these features can be enhanced?
  • White Marble and Black Marble: the noblest of stones seduces designers who shape it into furniture and objects. There are also those who print it on paper and fabric. The marble effect is still spectacular and represents the true 2019 trend;
  • Stabilized Lichens: a modern and elegant piece of furniture, which allows to enrich walls with the beauty of the Northern lichens which are alive, but that do not need any kind of maintenance, because they are stabilized through revolutionary technologies. The benefits are exceptional: stress reduction, reverberation minimization and air quality improvement;
  • Sound-absorbing panel in micro-perforated MDF: to reduce stress, panels are used to lower reverberation in offices, often too chaotic and acoustically polluted.

The Elm 30R and Tennesee Walnut, have been replaced respectively with the Cream Elm and Walnut Paros colors.